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The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast

The Nutrition Blueprint podcast is a health, nutrition, and fitness show hosted by registered dietitian and sports nutrition coach Andres Ayesta. Formerly Vive Nutrition Radio, this podcast is focused on bringing the latest in nutrition and health education to help you design a better lifestyle starting with what you put on your plate. Through expert interviews and his popular chit chat series, Andres dissects common topics into digestible (pun intended) pieces that are applicable to everyone's goals. From weight loss and fat loss strategies to supplementation and life hacks, this podcast is everything you need to be the best version of you

Jul 27, 2021

In today's episode, we discussed the analogy of "lowest hanging fruit" to explain where people should start in their journey to improve their health and lose fat. When you feel like you're at rock bottom in your health and nothing is going right, which habits are the most important ones to start? We discussed how to maintain consistency with your nutrition and continue to achieve amazing results over time.


Today we covered....


What happens when you try to overhaul your entire lifestyle

What are some of the triggers people have for deciding to invest in nutrition coaching

What are "lowest hanging fruit"

What are some basic habits people should start with to improve their nutrition and lose fat

What are some more challenging health habits?

The power of asking yourself "why"

Why your health is like a stove

What is Minimum Effective Dose?




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