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The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast

The Nutrition Blueprint podcast is a health, nutrition, and fitness show hosted by registered dietitian and sports nutrition coach Andres Ayesta. Formerly Vive Nutrition Radio, this podcast is focused on bringing the latest in nutrition and health education to help you design a better lifestyle starting with what you put on your plate. Through expert interviews and his popular chit chat series, Andres dissects common topics into digestible (pun intended) pieces that are applicable to everyone's goals. From weight loss and fat loss strategies to supplementation and life hacks, this podcast is everything you need to be the best version of you

May 19, 2020

Welcome dear listener to another awesome episode of VNR! 

We have a guest today in our ChitChat Series. He’s a good friend of ours and also a very knowledgeable dude in the supplement industry. His name is Joe Imberlina 

Here is little more about him 

Joseph Imberlina is the Sales Lead B2B for Klean Athlete.  In this role, he has various responsibilities including the direct management of sales for the eastern half of the country business as well as leading and coordinating cross functional communication across the organization to ensure sales, marketing, product development and supply chain teams are aligned in brand strategy and needs.   He has been with Klean Athlete since its creation in 2013 and carries 12 years’ worth of experience in the Nutritional Supplement Industry.  He is widely respected for his dedication and loyalty assuring the success of his clients and their athletes.

In today’s conversation we covered: 


  • What Joe does
  • How did he get into the supplement industry? 
  • The inside scoop on the supplement industry and changing trends with COVID-19
  • Manufacturing practices - What is the process of getting a supplement out of the market
  • How can consumers identify a "good" vs. a "bad" supplements
  • Third-Party Testing and what is it? 
  • What is the process of obtaining one of those certifications? 
  • Can we trust a supplement that does not have these seals? 
  • Klean athlete and their supplement lines 
  • How does a supplement company come up with new products and formulations? 

To learn more about Klean Athlete, visit

If you are interested to bring Klean to your gym facilities feel free to contact joe directly HERE

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