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Vive Nutrition Radio

Welcome to Vive Nutrition Radio, the first of its kind bilingual (English and Spanish) podcast that bring a wealth of knowledge bombs in nutrition for performance, fitness, and health.

Hosted by Andres Ayesta, a sports registered dietitian, owner and founder of with a long trajectory of helping the most elite athletes in the world including but not limited to NFL first round picks to MLB All-Star players in their quest for optimal peak performance and body composition.

Jun 2, 2020

Dear Listener, 

Welcome to another episode of VNR! 

I had the pleasure to have our own Customer Relations Manager and Vive Nutrition long time Client Roxy Eustache. Roxy wanted to share her weight loss story and its roots. We dove deep into her biggest accomplishments and failures while working towards her weight...

May 26, 2020

Dear Listener, 

We are back with the Chit Chat Series. This one is an explicit one so make sure you don’t have kids listening but it’s certainly a topic you may feel related to as we talked about sex drive! 

The conversation started with me doing a very low calorie diet at some point and noticing my libido dropped...

May 19, 2020

Welcome dear listener to another awesome episode of VNR! 

We have a guest today in our ChitChat Series. He’s a good friend of ours and also a very knowledgeable dude in the supplement industry. His name is Joe Imberlina 

Here is little more about him 

Joseph Imberlina is the Sales Lead B2B for Klean Athlete.  In...

May 12, 2020

Dear Listener! 


Welcome back to Vive Nutrition Radio! Excited to have you here! This week is a chit chat series where my dudes Dezi, Antonio, Nate, and myself get together to discuss trendy and controversial topics in nutrition and health. 


This week’s topic: PLANT-BASED DIETS 


Here are the bullet points 


May 5, 2020

Dear Listener, 

Today’s episode is geared towards women’s health and for that I brought an expert to speak on the topic: Dr. Corina Dunlap

Dr. Corina Dunlap is a licensed naturopathic physician and medical researcher specializing in women's health.  She earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and Master of...